In collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE), REFF LATAM brings together the renewable energy finance community to highlight the most exciting opportunities and project pipelines in the region.

Launched in 2018, the conference offers delegates the perfect opportunity to engage in a focused and in-depth discussion on this rapidly growing sector. 

This is the ‘go-to’ conference for any project finance professional looking to profit from the Latin American renewables boom.  

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Registration and Networking Breakfast



IJGlobal Welcome Address & Business Card Icebreaker   

Chair's Opening Remarks
Jorge Barrigh, Board Member, LAC-CORE   




Lunch Break

Afternoon Networking Break

Setting the scene: IJGlobal’s welcome address and analysis of the Latin American renewables market

To open the conference, a senior member of our editorial team will provide a detailed analysis of the global energy and infrastructure finance market, based on IJGlobal’s exclusive data to frame and contextualise the following discussions.

Angus-Leslie Melville, Editorial Director, IJGlobal


Equity Investors reactions to previous panel & perspectives for 2020

As a direct follow up to the ministerial panel, audience members will have the opportunity to pose questions to the panel, alongside additional insights from equity investors in the region.


Networking Break


How Can Investors Overcome Regulatory Obstacles in an Increasing Volatile Market?

  • What is is the prospect across Latin America for long-term corporate PPAs? 
  • How can the risk of these projects be mitigated?   
  • How will governments response to increasing market volatility?   
  • What is the roadmap for streamlining complicated offtake structures?   
  • Payment and risk: What is being done to ensure payment lag is minimized?

Rael McNally, Director - Real Assets – Infrastructure, BlackRock

Investor Strategies for 2020: How are Investors Pricing Risk Level?

  • What will be the new strategies that governments will have to undertake in the long-run to respond to macro-changes across Latin America?   
  • What are the pressure point that will direct the macroeconomic trajectory of Latin America? 
  • How will e-mobility drive investment in the future and when should investors begin to capitalise? 
  • Is the trend towards greater merchant exposure an inevitability? Will this change in the medium-term?


Corporate PPAs Vs. The Auction Market and Other Models Within the Distributed Energy Market: What is Working and What is Not?

  • With the increase of bilateral PPAs, how has the credit analysis changed? 
  • How are countries seeing this and what is the overall change to the risk profile?   
  • With changing offtakes, how can corporate offtake mitigate stable consumption profiles and allow greater flexibility within the market?   
  • How will the share of auctions vs. bilateral PPAs make up future transactions for Latin America solar and wind deals?   
  • What is the lender appetite across auctions and corporate PPAs?

Fernando Beguiristain, Director Asesoria Juridica, ACCIONA  
David Ruiz de Andres, CEO & Founder, Grenergy



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Renewable Energy Finance Forum - Latin America

March 16, 2020

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“REFF LATAM offers the perfect environment to get involved in high-level discussions about the renewable business in Latin America” 

Marcos F. Meireles, Chief Executive Officer, RioEnergy


Key Ministerial Panel: Hear Leading Government Representatives Across Latin America Outline Project Plans and Regulatory Updates for Developers and Lenders

With every REFF LATAM event, this panel is designed to give attendees a glimpse into the future financing and tendering opportunities for key countries and regions.

The Lenders View on 2019 and 2020: Sizing Up Lending Appetite in Latin America for 2020, What is Affecting the Equation?

  • What are the best financing strategies for commercial banks operating the region? What innovations have been developed? 
  • How will ECAs and Multilaterals continue to react to key regulatory and political developments in the region?   
  • What is the availability of long-term capital for commercial banks, multilaterals development banks, institutional investors and ECAs? 
  • How will the financing dynamics change with the growing emergence of project & green bonds vs. traditional project finance? 
  • What mechanisms are available for lenders to reach out to smaller developers?


The Colombian Renewables Market Focus: Post-Auction Update

With a total capacity of 1,298MW, five contracts for wind projects and three for solar across seven companies won contracts having Colombia's first renewable auction. But questions remain over the low contract prices and the denomination of the contracts in pesos weighing against potential deals. So how will banks and multilateral view the risks going forward and what is market sentiment five months after the auction?


The Developer Perspective: What new business models and processes developers are leveraging to improve CAPEX tendencies and mitigate regulatory challenges?

  • With prices being undercut consistently across bidding projects, how can low prices remain financially sustainable for developers?
  • What new technological improvements, particularly in solar and wind, allow for greater maintenance and operational cost reductions?   
  • Where are developers seeing the most lucrative opportunities and what is their roadmap to capitalize on these opportunities most effectively?   
  • How has political uncertainty changed developer thinking towards key markets?


Oxford Style Debate:

Two expert speakers will take to the stage to argue for and against the following motion:
"The Region's Political Trend towards Populism Will Benefit Investment in Renewable Energy"

Moderated By: Carlos St-James, Board Member, LAC-CORE


The Mexican Market in Focus

  • What is the new framework of working in Mexico within the backdrop of M&A activity and auction risk?   
  • Can private PPAs stimulate Mexico to be back on top following a year of stagnation?
  • What is the current market appetite for taking on merchant risk?   
  • What will happen to CFE bankability during the current government's term?   
  • For foreign investors, how can much-needed capital be deployed to ensure investors see their returns on long-term projects?

Jose Antonio Aguilar, Principle, Vive Energia




Following on previous editions, The Networking Hub will return to give you the opportunity to develop the day’s conversation in a more interactive setting. A series of senior hosts will head up their own individual roundtable discussions, each with their own geographical focus, for you to dip in and out of as you see fit.

LAC-CORE Clean Energy Award



Networking Cocktail Reception